Commanding the Annihilation Wave with his Cosmic Control Rod, Annihilus rules the Negative Zone while trying to avoid bug zappers.


Boss InformationEdit

Team: None

Missions: Repellent Bugs

Voice Actor: Charlie Adler

Minions: Spider-Bugs


Rod Blast

Annihilus flies up in the air and shoots yellow blasts from his Cosmic Control Rod. Each shot deals 37 damage and knockback.

Straffing Run

Annihilus zooms toward the closest hero, dealing 20+20+20+20 damage.

Annihilus Charge

Annihilus crouches down and musters all of his energy, reducing damage taken and boosting damage slightly.

Wing Burst

After using Annihilus Charge, if a hero is close enough, Annihilus opens his wings suddenly, dealing 14 damage and knockdown.

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