A mutant who can borrow the powers and abilities of other heroes, Rogue fights as one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes!

Avenging Rogue

Character InformationEdit

Team: X-Men, Avengers

Playable: Yes

Cost: 600 Gold

Voice Actor: Tara Strong

Fight Style: Ranged

Movement: Flight


Upon Entering: "Time to kick butt and take names."

Character Select: "Rogue here. Standing by."

Using Door: "Better be something good in here."

Eating Pizza: "Mmm. Y'all gotta try this pizza."

Citizen Greeting: "Well hi there!"

Going in Water: "I hope there aint any bullfrogs in here. Eww."

Destroying Trouble-bot: "Go on now! Get it!"

Chasing Robber: "Oh that dog won't hunt, Sugah. Come back here!"

Using Hotspot: "Why walk when you can fly, Sugar?"

Using Wheel: "Ooh, I'm felling lucky. How about you?"

Visiting Shop: "I believe it's time to do a little shopping y'all."

Visiting Parker House: "My, My. That's some pie you got there Ma'am."

Sitting: "Oh break time. My dogs are killing me."

Other (Ice Cream, Cheese, Unable to lift, etc.): Unknown

Solo Mission: "I'll just do fine on my own. Just wait and see."

Mission with Other Squads: "Y'all ready to get this done?"

Solo Mission Complete: Unknown

Mission Complete with Other Squads: "Put a fork in it ya'll, 'cause it's done!"


Combo Damage: 6+10+14+(27+27)+35=119

Power Attack 1: Storm Cloud -- 1 Star

Creates storm cloud that hits for 24 damage and slows one enemy for a period of time, giving additional damage to regular hits.


Power Attack 2: Scarlet Shield -- 2 Stars

Deals 35 damage to all enemies in radius and damage boost to self.


Power Attack 3: Teleport Flurry -- 3 Stars

Teleports above all enemies, throws and throws a Sentinel's head at enemies in radius, dealing 74 damage and stun.


Hero Up

Rogue creates a mind blast that hits all enemies in radius for 54 damage. Then, repeated shockwaves hit all enemies in radius for 10 damage each wave.

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