Full Body Beast



Not only Dr. Hank McCoy one of the smartest men in the world, but he's suprisingly acrobatic for a for a big, furry, blue... Beast.

  • Team: X-men
  • Cost: 300 gold
  • Fight Style: Melee
  • Movement: Double Jump


Left Click

  1. 12 damage
  2. 7+7 damage
  3. 6+6 damage
  4. 14+14 damage
  5. 37 damage & knockdown

Beast (1) rolls into an enemy from a short distance, then (2) back hand springs into him, (3) roars at him, (4) performs a jumping spinning kick, and (5) bats him into the air.

His third attack may miss the target, but will hit those on either side of Beast.

Right Click

  1. Leaping Beast: Leaps towards an enemy and claws at them, leaving an X on the ground. 36 damage.
  2. X-periment: Mixes toxic chemicals and hurls them at a group of enemies. 27 damage and stun.
  3. Great Big Beast Feet: Performs a handstand and spins kicking nearby enemies. 24+24 and knockdown.

Hero Up

Leaps at enemies within range and causes 45 damage and knockdown


Power Emotes

  1. mixes toxic chemicals, and throws them. Affects nearby objects.
  2. Performs a one handed hand stand while reading a book.
  3. Roars in a failed attempt to sing. succeeds second time. Affects nearby objects.


Is able to Double Jump.


Beast joined the X-men as one of its founding members. Other founding members include CyclopsJean GreyIceman, and Angel. He now serves alongside the other X-Men, including WolverineRogueNightcrawler, and more.


Beast is a fairly heavy hitter, but not as heavy as others. He is worth the 300 gold that he is priced at. Seasoned professionals will find him as a useful hero for missions such as Very Bad Breath, Magneteors, and All For Juggernaut. I would recommend this hero for anyone. His lower price makes him one of the easier heroes for new players to master.


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