Don't let the bag fool you... that's actually Spider-Man in that outfit!

Bombastic Bag-Man

Character InformationEdit

Team: Spider Friends

Playable: Yes

Cost: Retired

Voice Actor: Unknown

Fight Style: Melee

Movement: Web Swing & Wall Crawl


Upon Entering: "I'm... uh, The Bombastic Bag-man... heh."

Character Select: "Hey, I'm actually Spider-Man in this bag."

Using Door: "Think I'll duck in here for a moment."

Eating Pizza: "Do I get the Fantastic Four discount in this suit? No, okay..."

Citizen Greeting: "Hey, there!"

Going in Water: "Oh wow, cold water! Yikes!"

Destroying Trouble-bot: "Sorry little guy. This is for your own good."

Chasing Robber: "You don't seriously think you'll get away with this, do you?"

Using Hotspot: N/A

Using Wheel: "Prizes! I love prizes! Especially when I win some."

Visiting Shop: "Shopping, yeah, sounds great! Please have a new spider suit. Please."

Visiting Parker House: "Great pie as always, Aunt May!"

Sitting: "Aw, man my feet are killing me! I need a break."

Other (Ice Cream, Cheese, Unable to lift, etc.): "Ooh hoo! Aw, never mind."

Solo Mission: "Can this wait for a costume change? No? Man..."

Mission with Other Squads: "Uh hey, everybody! It's me, Spider-Man... honest."

Solo Mission Complete: Unknown

Mission Complete with Other Squads: "Sa-weet, we WON! ...uh, is that a kick-me sign on my back?"


Combo Damage: (5+5)+(6+6)+24+(5+4+5)+(9+18)=87

Power Attack 1: 8 Legged Flip Kick -- 1 Star

Flip kicks a single enemy, dealing 29 damage and knockdown.


Power Attack 2: Spider Swing -- 2 Stars

Swings into a group of enemies, dealing 27 damage and knockdown to all enemies hit.


Power Attack 3: Web Shots -- 3 Stars

Shoots 6 webs at a single enemy, dealing 10 damage per web.


Hero Up

Leaps on to all enemies within range, dealing 45 damage and knockdown.

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