Cyclops wears a ruby quartz visor so that solar energy won't blast from his eyes, but he leads the X-Men with clear sight.


Character InformationEdit

Team: X-Men
Cyclops FB

Playable: Yes

Cost: Free

Voice Actor: Unknown

Movement: Basic


Upon Entering: "For the dream!"

Character Select: "X-Men are at the ready!"

Using Door: “Be right back.”

Citizen Greeting: "Hello there."

Eating Pizza: “I'll take a break on my diet for this!”

Going in Water: “X-Men suits are waterproof.”

Destroying Trouble-bot: “Get outta here.”

Chasing Robber: “No on steals from our city.”

Using Hotspot: N/A

Using Wheel: “I'm feeling lucky.”

Visiting Shop: “I'm not using official X-Men funds for this.”

Sitting: *sigh*

Other (Ice Cream, Cheese, Unable to lift, etc.): “What's this?”

Solo Mission: "I'll show what the X-Men can do!"

Mission with Other Squads: "You're all unofficial X-Men for this mission!"

Solo Mission Complete: "And that's why the X-Men are the best!"

Mission Complete with Other Squads: "Hey, let's keep up the pace everyone!"


Combo Damage: 6+(6+6)+10+25+33=86

Power Attack 1: Optic Blast Barrage -- 2 Stars

Shoots 3 optic blasts in an arc at enemies in front of you, dealing 6 damage per blast, followed by a sweeping optic beam in an arc, dealing 40 damage and knockdown to all within range.


Power Attack 2: X-Inspiration -- 1 Star

Releases a wave of energy at surrounding enemies, dealing 50 damage & knockback to all within range, and activates Damage Boost for all Squads on your team within range.


Power Attack 3: Mega Optic Blast -- 3 Stars

Shoots a very large optic beam at a row of enemies and moves back, dealing 52 damage to all.


Hero Up

Shoots a powerful optic blast in the sky and hits surrounding enemies. dealing 77 damage & stun to all within range.