Dormammu is a devilish villain who causes big trouble in Super Hero City.


Boss InformationEdit

Team: None

Missions: Dormammu Mia!

Voice Actor: Robert Englund

Minions: Mindless Ones


Flame Bolt

Dormammu throws a fireball at the closest hero, dealing 43 damage and knockdown.

Flame Arc

Dormammu shoots fire from his hands in a semicircle in front of him, dealing 65 damage and stun to all heroes hit.

Hex Prison

Dormammu summons a cage around the closest hero, dealing 12+12 damage and stun.

Rain of Fire

Dormammu throws a giant fireball in the air. A few moments later, small fireballs rain from the sky, dealing 41 damage for each fireball.

Giant Head

Dormammu hits a hero dealing 75 damage and knockdown.

Mystic Shield

Dormammu casts a shield around himself, reducing the damage he takes greatly.

Mystic Flame Gout

Fire erupts around Dormammu, dealing 50 damage for all heroes hit.

Transformation Hex

Dormammu shapeshifts into a hero, using its attacks and abilities for a short while.

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