He flies around on his Goblin Glider, throws pumpkin bombs, and makes Spider-Man's life miserable. Green Goblin is a big jerk!

Green Goblinnotplayable

Boss InformationEdit

Team: Sinister Syndicate

Missions: "Bombs Away!" and "Breezy Riders!"

Voice Actor: Unknown

Minions: Hand Ninjas


Pumpkin Bomb

Green Goblin reaches into his bag of tricks and throws a single pumpkin bomb at the closest hero. It'll explode if it touches any hero.

Glider Strike

Green Goblin picks a target hero and then zooms toward that hero with the pointy end of his glider toward them. You better get out of the way or else you'll get run over!

Exhaust Fumes

Using his glider's exhaust smoke as a weapon, Green Goblin points his glider's behind at the closest hero and shoots smoke. It'll sure be smelly!

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