Description: This proud Canadian wears a powerful battlesuit of his own design as the leader of Alpha Flight!

Team: Alpha Flight

Playable: Yes/Agents Only!

Cost: 600 Gold

Voice Actor: Unknown

Marvel Lore: +2

Fight Style: Mixed

Movement: Flight

Combo Damage: 6+9+(7+7+7)+23+34=93

Power 1: Double Concussive Blast -1 Star- 11+11 Damage

Power 2: Combat Tactics -2 Stars- Full team armor boost

Power 3: Radial Blast -3 Stars- 35+35 Damage

Hero Up: 106 Damage


Upon Entering:

Character Select:

Using Door:

Eating Pizza:

Citizen Greeting:

Going in Water:

Destroying Trouble-bot:

Chasing Robber:

Using Hotspot:

Using Wheel:

Visiting Shop:

Visiting Parker House:


Other (Ice Cream, Cheese, Unable to lift, etc.):

Solo Mission:

Mission with Other Squads:

Solo Mission Complete:

Mission Complete with Other Squads:

Power 1:

Power 2:

Power 3:


To Avenging Wolverine:

To Captain America:

To Future Foundation Dr. Doom:

To Hulk:

To Iron Man:

To Iron Patriot:

To Sasquatch:

To Shadowcat:

To Storm:

To Street Clothes Wolverine:

To War Machine:

To Wolverine:


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