A real showoff, Human Torch loves to shout "Flame On!" and burst into flames. Kids, don't try this at home!

Character InformationEdit

Team: None

Playable:  Cooming soon! {china} past versions

Cost: 2000000 gold {china} pucharse with 100000000000 gold

Voice Actor: Antony Del Rio

Fight Style: Long range

Special Movement: Triple Jump


Upon Entering: "Flame on!"

Character Select: "C'mon, we all know you're gonna pick me!"

Using Door: “Be right back, everybody."

Eating Pizza: “I'm sure your oven is good, but I may warm it up a bit."

Going in Water: “Hope I don't turn all this to steam."

Destroying Trouble-bot: “Don't waste my time."

Chasing Robber: "You don't really think you'll get away, do you?"

Using Hotspot: "Fire in the sky!"

Using Wheel: “Come on, lucky spin!"

Visiting Shop: “Hope I don't turn all this to steam."

Sitting: "My feet feel like they're on fire!"

Other (Ice Cream, Cheese, Unable to lift, etc.): “Hello."

Solo Mission: "Who's up for a beat-down Human Torch style?"

Mission with Other Squads: "I hope everyone's as ready as I am!"

Mission Complete: Unknown

Mission Complete with Other Squads: "What? That's it? Man, that was easy!"