Modok is a villain in Super Hero Squad Online, but he was released as a hero as well.

One of the strongest mentalists on out for the psionic genius known as MODOK!

Missions Released:Yes


As a "living computer," MODOK is basically a giant flying head with tiny limbs. He has a superhuman intellect and psionic abilities. He's also cranky, has a massive ego, and is full of schemes for usurping Doom's power and achieving world domination. Doom is aware that MODOK plots against him, but doesn't seem the least bit worried, which infuriates MODOK. He moves about on a flying hover-chair outfitted with a variety of weapons, which runs on a miniature nuclear reactor and a pair of AA batteries.


  • Big Head
  • Very Big Head
  • Really Quite Alarmingly Massively Huge Head
  • Modork

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