Rocket Raccoon

 Rocket Raccoon is a playable hero available for all players in Super Hero Squad Online.


Look out! Here comes a good thing in a small, furry package! Bang!



Rocket Raccoon can be found in the Rocket Box, for 500 fractals or 50 gold.


350 at level 19.

HeroUp DamageEdit

69 and 33 damage up to 12 times at level 20.

Power Attacks Damage (1, 2, 3 )Edit

Autofire Hijinks!- 17 damage up to 4 time with badge at level 12.

I've Got An App For That- Health, Armor and Speed boosts plus a knockdown effect for all attacks.

My Little Friends- 32 damage up to 3 times with badge at level 18.

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