SHS made up season

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After Dark Surfer's defeat,the SHS discover that Loki has unleashed a portal with a power known as Tesseract.

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Episode 1:Extremis

The SHS find out Titanium Man and boss of A.I.M. Aldrich killian have created a serum known as Extremis

Episode 2:Tesseract

Loki returns with the tesseract and teams up with Gremlin to destroy the SHS

Episode 3:Spider Protocool

The SHS discover a symbiote known as Venom and bonds on to Wolverine,so the SHS team up with Spider-Man .

Episode 4:10 people in 1 moron 

The SHS meet the Mandarin.

Episode 5:Tesseract Wars Part 1

Loki opens a portal to the Skrulls and a new alien race known as Chitauri

Episode 6:Tesseract Wars Part 2

The SHS find out the Tesseract was a creation from the Watcher.

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