Giant-Man has created a lot of robots, but Ultron and his minions are the most
Ultron full body

cruel, powerful, and dangerous of the robo-bunch.



Ultron's body is made from Adamantium, so a chop from his robo-hand really hurts. Keep your distance or you'll end up with a headache!

Rocket PunchEdit

When Ultron wants to keep his distance, sometimes he fires a robo-fist at his target. Unfortunately, he's got more where that came from.

Summon MinionsEdit

Unfortunately for the Super Hero Squad, Ultron has an endless supply of robo-minions. Take them out quick before you get overwhelmed!

Laser BlastEdit

Ultron shoots a beam of energy from his mouth. Giant-Man says that the beam isn't made of Ultron's dinner, but it still doesn't smell very good.


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