Wolverine is upcoming a hero available in Super Hero Squad.


With a tough-guy attitude, unbreakable adamantium skeleton, and retractable claws, Wolverine is the best at what he does.


Wolverine costs 3000 fractals or 300 gold.


300 with badge at Level 19.

HeroUp DamageEdit

Rages for 139 Damage and Knockback of all close enemies, plus Damage and Health Boost.

Power Attacks Damage (1, 2, 3)Edit

Leaping Slash - Leaps at enemy for 36 Damage (with badge at Level 12)and knockdown to all enemies in large area.

Tornado Claw - Spinning attack does 35+35 Damage (with badge at Level 15) to enemies that are very close.

Berserker Barrage - Attacks Single Enemy for 9+9+19+26 Damage(with badge at Level 18).